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August 20, 2002

Hi again ...

I begin to blog again. This is the longest my blog outage ever. See ? my last entry was on 28 January 2002. I decided to blog again after I found that this blog is still there even I never touched it in 6 months.So what now ? In the process of my English learning I will post in English and sometime in bahasa. And I have to spent about 15 or 30 minutes to post during the office hours ( Yes I dont have computer at home , not even a line for internet ). I lives at a village which is a little off the beaten track. Well it is not too far from the nearest town but there are lack of public facilities especially phone line.So I cheat on office hours. Sorry boss !

Okay enuf for sad story.What I've learn today ? Erm....nothing . kinda busy for work today.

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