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My Ubuntu Feisty Fawn CDs arrived

May 23, 2007

Well, my Ubuntu CDs just arrived, exactly it was arrived on May 21 and I picked it up in Post Office on 22. I ordered on 20 April, and within four weeks the Cds arrived, kudos for Ubuntu team. It seems now the delivering process much faster than before. In the past my Ubuntu 4.10 was arrived 8 months later, which then I decided to not order the CDs from canonical anymore, I prefer to copy from a friend. Much faster, but off course no Ubuntu stickers included.

In the past we were encouraged to order more than 3 cds to pass it on, but now maximum 3 cds is allowed. For different quantities, it can be made through special request, especially for teacher or for event organizer who giving CDs to its students or conference participants. High volume orders was also causing many problems in the past that people who ordered the CDs was charged more than 100.000 IDR by Post Office for the import taxes.

For you guys nearby Nusa Dua area who are willing to copy the CD, feel free to contact me. And I have one Ubuntu CD left to pass on, so just contact me if you want it.

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