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iPhone hype. This is just a phone afterall isn't ?

June 29, 2007

People in U.S are now can purchase iPhone. "iPhone is available on first-come, first-served basis ", Apple's website said. So you better to be hurry. This Mac OS-X based gadget is on sale in U.S now.

However, this gadget from Apple is not available internationally yet. So we have to wait until next year. For you who are wondering about this sleek multimedia device, there are many comparison chart out there.

iPhone Comparison Chart
Apple recently published its iPhone comparison with already available gadget in the market, such as Nokia N95, Samsung BlackJack, BlackBerry Curve 8300 and Palm Treo 750. Such a comparison and review can be found at iphonecomparison.com , it is also has links to iPhone resources on the Internet.

ZDnet is comparing iPhone with Nokia N95 to see how it stacks up, check it out. iPhone is a phone, an iPod, an iPod video. Afterall is just a phone. But for now, it has no 3G support, just wait and see.

Currently FAQ for everything you wanted to know about iPhone service with AT&T can be found here

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