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New Yahoo! Go Mobile 2.0 is launch in 12 countries next Friday

June 19, 2007

News from Yahoo, yahoo is to launch its new Internet portal 'Yahoo Go Mobile 2.0' for mobile phones in 12 countries. As Christophe Parcot, Director General of Yahoo France said, yahoo is aiming to have several million users by the end of 2007.

This new generation mobile Internet portal will be launched namely in Britain, Canada, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Italy, the Philippines, Spain, Thailand and Vietnam.

Yahoo Go Mobile
Yahoo mobile was initially launched on January 2007 in U.S and is namely financed through advertising. It is believed , big players on the Internet such as Google,Yahoo and Microsoft and others have all been aiming their market through the mobile phone distribution around the globe which is increasing. By this trends the traditional marketplace of online ads is now starting to consider mobile as well as the Internet for advertising.

It is said that Yahoo! Go Mobile 2.0 will be pre-installed on all new
Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG, RIM (Blackberry) and HTC mobile phones. Yahoos said 'All your Yahoo! emails, news, photos, and more on your phone, always up-to-date and ready for you'.

Content based services like Yahoo! Go Mobile 2.0 will be likely depends on the telecommunication infrastructure of the countries where it will be activated. In Indonesia, where the market penetration for this 'luxury' services is quite low due to high cost of data transmission cost charged by the telecommunication providers, it is likely it will only suitable for only the upper level subscribers. Web browsing through mobile devices is still low. Most people these days still use the power of 'thumb-generation' or short message text.

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