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Am'I really meant to making money online ?

July 1, 2007

Reading other bloggers earning reports, I have to admit it was jaws dropping. Regardless, their earning is verifiable or not, it does develop awe amongst newbies or six-figures earner wannabe, including me.

First thing came to my mind at the time was a question, "Do they really earn that much ?". Then goes to, "How they really make it happen ?". Then I started to search the Internet for further information on this 'making money online' scheme. The findings was awesome. These guys are full time blogger who are really dedicating their time for blogging. They are good writers where a bunch of keywords are in each of their posts for search engine finding. They are always found things to write, information to share and ideas to develop.

It then dragged me to SEO, Adsense, SERP, CPC, CPA, RPU, Affiliate Marketing and any others terms I have to deal with for making money online. I have this blog, I don't have my own domain and hosting yet, but I saw there are many bloggers out there are great online money-makers too. So based on 'enough bullshitting too much' guide, I decided to use this blog for passive income source as many others blogger do. I don't think it is too late to get into this game, better late than nothing.

Apart from my attempt to make money online through this blog, I have my own side goals. I want to improve my English and my writing skill. Why I put those side target ?, yup, because my English is poor, considering English is not my native language, neither second language. It is a foreign language for us in Bali. My writing skill haven't improve lately, then now is a chance. My main goal is to earn money so I can afford my own domain and hosting and to pay my dial-up home internet connection.

For achieving these goals, I have done some SEO efforts for traffic generation, more intensive blogwalking and information finding. Believe me, I put all things purely based on search engine, there are no black SEO at all. I haven't use Adwords for generating traffic to this blog. I don't have enough money for Adwords deposit, just yet. I'm still learning on how to attract more visitor to this blog, the fact is the content is the one which could attract. Content means writing, good content means good writing, and that's I'm trying to do, by trying hard to constantly post every day.

Many grammar pop outs might be easily found on my posts, and my fellow readers did mention it and I thank you if you could help me to improve my English. Any suggestions are welcome to improve this blog.

So do you think I'm really meant to making money online ?

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