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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows transcription torrent and the spoilers

July 25, 2007

Harry Potters book selling breaks the record, all the hype within the pre-launching few days ago were also followed by many rumours of the book characters ending, and the book was also leaked to Bit Torrent.

Recently there are many seeders are online offering the Harry Potter book, but those seeders is believed might be not trustworthy. Once, someone has photographed each page of his Harry Potter book and uploaded it to torrent server, despite the fact each page appears to be genuine, but many people complaint with the poor of the image quality. Some downloaders found a few pages cannot be read at all without editing the images in Photoshop. But, that's not for long, now you all can find the pdf version easily, all chapters were successfully transcribed from the previous photographed version.

Die-hard fan are also posing many spoilers out there, Harry die or not, who will die, who-marry-who etc, all of these information can be found easily on the Internet, some are containing false information, but it just a bait for Harry Potter's fans. The true spoilers are the Harry's fan itself who are trying to encounters the false-spoilers. You can found few comments as a respond to the spoilers false-information in here.

Well, have you bought the book ? or you prefer to leech it ?


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