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Samsung cell phone for bloggers released this month.

July 12, 2007

Now mobile blogging is even more easier, Samsung Electronics will launch its Mobile Blog 3G Phone, SGH-L760 in Europe this month. First debut will be in Germany and Spain, and next it is expected to be released in SouthEast Asian market, yay. It seems Samsung don't want left behind, they are following LG's recent announcement of their YouTube-optimized phone.

More image inside.

This phone with speedy data transmission functionality that will distinguish it from any others handsets. This phone allows users to upload content directly to blog sites on the Internet. It can upload directly to popular user-created services sites such as YouTube, Ublog and Buzznet. This phone can record decent quality video and direct upload them to YouTube, which is just perfect.

The phone with dimension 100x47x15mm has a 2 megapixel camera and Bluetooth technology and operates in line with UMTS technology (Europe’s 3G wireless technology). Other features include an FM radio, MP3 player, web browser, RSS reader and a microSD card slot.

Compared to iPhone which has supports watching Youtube videos, but has no video camera to actually create and upload videos to Youtube, this phone is just great for bloggers.

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