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Bug in Excel 2007, fix on the way

September 26, 2007

Earlier this week, reported a strange error in Microsoft Excel 200 was found. The error which caused the calculations is involving the numbers around 65,535. First example heard was 850 multiply by 77.1, the result will be 100,000 instead the correct result, 65,535. It is reported similar operations that should return 65, 535 will also return incorrect results. Problem is identified only present in Microsoft Excel 2007; earlier version is not affected by this bug.

According to Microsoft, they are traced the problem back to a floating point issue and the bug is actually not the calculation itself, instead it's just a problem during showing the result on the screen. It is said, the result of the calculation stored in Excel's memory is correct.

The fix in underway , Microsoft says they have come up with the fix of this issue and are on final stages of testing to ensure that the fix works and doesn't introduce another issues. The fix which are can be downloaded will be expected to be available soon. Keep monitor on this website for upcoming fix of this bug.

[Via yahootech]

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