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Make your own iPhone ringtone for free

September 12, 2007

On 7 September 2007, "cleverboy" discovered an easy way to make your own iPhone ringtone from any AAC files. Just renaming AAC to M4R extension will do, here is how:
  • Create your ringtone and save it as AAC file
  • Rename M4A extension to M4R, double click it to loads into iTunes
  • Click your iPhone in iTunes and go to ringtone section to make sure it there.
  • Do sync if you unsure

Read full instructions on macrumors forums.

But within 24 hours, Apple has released its iTunes 7.4.1 update that affects the above easy discovery. But don't worry there are other ways to do it. Cleverboy explained what he did , Engadget is also has its own tips on this

UPDATE: At arstechnica you can find explanation on some tools to create your own iPhone ringtone

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