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Ubuntu on Lenovo Thinkpad soon ?

September 20, 2007

After the Lenovo ship their T Series with SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, now they are looking for another Linux to offer, and that's possibly Ubuntu Linux. This is specifically for reaching enthusiast market. It is been known, they are way too much concern on enterprise market, a report said.

Matt Kohut on Lenovo Inside the Box blog said based on his observation there are a lot of people out there running Linux on their Thinkpads. He was opening a survey bean on Sept 7 to see which desktop Linux Desktop customers would like Lenovo to offer. Within 48 hours there are already 13402 votes tallied. Majority of votes, about 7196 are vote for Ubuntu. Debian is at second position with 1443 votes, followed by Redhat and Fedora.Surprisingly, SuSE, which Lenovo already offers, fall into 913 votes.

Is Lenovo is really planning on offering another Linux distro for its Thinkpads series ?. We don't know yet. But based on the survey results, Ubuntu is clearly the Linux distro that the enthusiast want to include in Lenovo's product. If it not in the T Series, it migth be in the inexpensive N series or R series ?

Dell did what customers wants, and I think, Lenovo need to follow.


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