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Halloween pumpkin carving patterns templates for your Jack-O-Lantern

October 24, 2007

Halloween yay, now is your turn to make your own Jack-O-Lantern. Be ready with your instruments for carving, now the designs, got no idea ?. Don't worry, use the power of Internet. You will find dozen of templates for Jack-O-Lantern, from easy design to the advanced one, with various themes and best of all, most of them are free.

Brent Evans of Geektonic has compiled a list of websites where you can find the best and free Halloween Jack-O-Lantern carving templates. Get ready for carving, make your Halloween night fantastic. Do it your self your Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween creatively, the list even has extreme Jack-O-Lantern templates. Just go a head to Geektonic's list of Jack O Lantern templates sites he also has 14 geek-themed Halloween Costumes

[via Geektonic]

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Brent Evans said...

Thanks for the link! My daughter and I are buying four pumpkins this weekend and she'll be picking out the patterns. I made the free jack-o-lantern list to help her out with that as I do each year so its fun to share with everyone.

Thanks again!

wayan said...

Thank to you,

I found your posts are always inspiring, indeed they are good tonic
btw happy halloween