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How to flag a blog with a hidden navbar ?

January 21, 2008

Although it is legal to hide the blogger navbar, there is a drawback caused by this. It is difficult for a user to flag a blogger blog that are found as splogs or against Google TOS.

If found the navbar is hidden and you want to flag to that blog do the following steps :

  1. Find the "blogID" in the blog html code ( you can view the source of a blog with your browser)
  2. Note the number after the = (sample "blogID=12345678"), 12345678 is the blogID
  3. Now open the blogger navbar with the blogID number you find above,
    , replace 12345678 with the actual blogID
  4. When the navbar appears, click the flag button.
Alternatively, you may want to follow some tips from on how to complain and report spam bloggers blogs.

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