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Geothermal heating: bring comfort to your world

February 11, 2008

Up to 50% of energy bill is for heating and cooling, people are always finding new way for efficient usage of energy for this 'most household expenses'. How about geothermal heating systems ?.

What is Geothermal heating system

Geothermal system is a system which capture the heat from below the frost line ( about 4 feet deep ) where the temperature are constant at 50 degrees Fahrenheit all year long ). During the winter, the heat pumped from the ground and uses it to warm the air in your home. In the warmer summer months, the processed is reversed, taking heat from your home and transfered it back into the ground

How is Geothermal heating system

With up to 75% energy efficiency offered compared to the conventional heating and cooling system, geothermal system is offering a great savings. Furthermore in term of environmental, the U.S. Department of Energy forecasts that by the year 2030, geothermal heat pumps can provide as much as 2.7 quads per year of renewable energy. This is very significant, as U.S annual energy appetite in is 81 quads per year and growing and it also offers significant reduce of emissions too.

For more information about Geothermal System :

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