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Google pagerank updates, it dancing again

February 27, 2008

Due to my absence these 3 days from the Internet, yesterday night I put a chance checked my websites and to my surprise, I saw the Google pagerank for this blog turned to pagerank 3. It seems that Google is doing another pagerank updates. Do I got another Google slap ?, well I am still looking for any breaks I made to Google TOS on webmaster guideline. Since the last cleaning I surely didn't break any webmaster guidelines, except I may late on applying Privacy Policy pages on this website as requirements of the latest Google TOS updates.

I've checked on various SEO websites, the pagerank for this website on Google datacenters and found the result vary on each datacenters, some are returned 3 and mostly returned 4.

I saw this smackdown is also happened to many websites, anyone get smacked by latest Google dance ?

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dani said...

possibly related to their 'get paid' campaign..[?]

ramayadi said...

Yes, i'm on of the victims. My dancing into PR 2 right now, i dont know why..could you help me to analyze it :p

saylow said...

Yeah me too sir! Just got down from PR 9 to 4 ... hihihi

Agus Sanjaya said...

Yes, it happened to me too. My blog danced its way from PR 4 to PR 0, and last time I checked it was PR 2. Maybe its because I have some paid reviews on my site. But that is not fair because I have kept my posts balanced from paid reviews and original posts. I really don't understand why Google hates paid reviews so much. As long as the site is not mainly intended as a money maker then it is legal. You don't have to push someone down so far. Maybe I am still luck just went down 2 rank. Oh by the way, I haven't introduced myself. I am Agus, I'm Balinese too. I got your link from Aroengbinang. Kindly visit my sites. I already added your link here