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Google Update Dewey : Google changes its algorithm; confirmed.

April 4, 2008

Google has confirm the change of their algorithm after major shifts in SERPs which caused a big concern and tremors to the webmaster community. Following updates in January, February and minor updates in March, so this is a big updates.

Google Algorithm, The algorithm killed jeeves
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People were wondering about the April updates after those regular Google updates on January, February and minor updates on March. But since two weeks ago, Google was came with surprises, many SERPs were going up and down. People saw strange things was happened, some multiple subdomains were went up, some old pages were topping others, etc.

Google confirms the algorithm changes as Google's Matt Cutts was requesting webmaster community feedbacks on the change at Webmasterworld as he said he did not see "large differences in rangkings between data centers".

Hey all, I asked a few people to look into this and they weren't seeing many large differences in rankings between these datacenters. The issue with discussing on this thread is that specific urls/queries aren't allowed. If anyone wants to mention a search where they see large-scale differences, feel free to send feedback to Google in the usual way. I'm going to pick a random-but-pretty-unique keyword so that I can look up reports. Let's use "dewey" as the word. So if you want to mention a search where you think the results are very different at one data center compared to other data centers, use the spam report form at and make sure to include the word "dewey" in the "Additional details" text area. Or feel free to point out differences in other ways: do a blog post, leave specifics on the Google webmaster help group, or whatever way you want to point out specific searches that look different to you.

So if you are concern and willing to send feedback, simply use the spamreport form and includes 'dewey' word in the form.

If you are expecting another major update in this April?, lets check what is an update exactly means ?. All we know that Google has update its ranking algorithm.

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