Greatway URLink: 2 April 2008 ~ Musing on technology, computer and internet

Greatway URLink: 2 April 2008

April 2, 2008

I'm thinking on sharing links I got with my readers. I was also thinking to share links contextually in a form of an article, hoping that I would able to write a full page blog post with in-depth research for each links, but that's for later.

I call this links roundup GreatWay URLink, just don't ask me why I choose that name for title of links roundup, let me keep it by my self. The GreatWay URLink, will be on weekly basis; and the links will covers topics that this blog is also covered; technology, computer, internet and interesting things thats is relevant to this blog topics.

Here they are this week GreatWay URLink.

  1. 17 Tips on how to save money running a startup. This article came from Jason's blog, one of co-founder of renown Weblogs. Inc. He was amongst those who could generate millions from their blogs but prefer not to do it. His life is in Information Technology world and he share ideas on how to save money on running a startup, his ideas got great responses and also caused some debate at Techcrunch, which makes this article is more interesting to read.

    Don't buy a phone system. No one will use it. No one at Mahalo has a desk phone except the admin folks. Everyone else is on IRC, chat, and their cell phone. Everyone has a cell phone, folks would rather get calls on it, and 99% of communication is NOT on the phone. Savings? At least $500 a year per person... 50 people over three years? $75-100k
  2. How to install Linux on a USB Pendrive. This article is an how to tutorial on how to install Linux operating system into a usb stick. This tutorial is covering step by step Ubuntu Linux installation on a USB pendrive, this how to may also applicable to any LiveCD Linux distribution.
  3. Step by step installing VirtuaBox on Ubuntu Linux with USB support. This howto covers the installation of Innotek VirtualBox virtualisation software onto Ubuntu Linux especially VirtualBox Personal use and Evaluation License (PUEL).
  4. Top 20 ways to come up with amazing ideas. Have you ever stuck with ideas to write on your blog ?. This article come with plenty ideas on how to come up with amazing ideas for your blog, not only will helping you to create a blog post, but a great blog post. Sound too much ?, try to apply it for your own then.
  5. Full-throttle productivity and web-work with Ubuntu. As I am one of Ubuntu fanatic, I fully agree with Evan, Linux is not only for people who dealing with codes, Linux cab be as useful as any other operating system. This article worth to read by people who are willing to adopt Linux.
    I’m not sounding like another Linux fanatic fruitlessly trying to preach. I went into writing this simply to let you know that it’s possible to actually do things with Linux. It’s not just for pale people who speak in code anymore

The aforementioned links are links that I found useful, sorry if most of them are about Linux *grin* . If you have any great links that you want to share, feel free to drop me an email via contact form. Links should be relevant to this blog topics, all issues about technology, computer, internet, blogging, software.

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