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Socialbrowse, share your links in Twitter-way

June 25, 2008

We may found Twitter is also useful for links share, whenever you found interesting links, you may tweet it so your friends got notified. How many links you've shared through Twitter everyday ?. If you are sharing links quite often, this links sharing service is might for you. Socialbrowse, a service that lets you shares links in easy way, it is best described as a Twitter for links plus few unique features that are useful for browsing tool.

Socialbrowse is come with Firefox extension where the extension lets you easily share and post link you found interesting. What makes Socialbrowse is twitter-like is the way they distribute links, uses "Follow" system, which anyone familiar with Twitter is familiar with follow system. Users can follow which users they'd like to recieve updates from, and updates of links are mass-broadcasted to users's followers. Updates can be displayed through notification message that are displayed each times users updating and can be displayed as feed entries through browser sidebar. To share a link simply click the Socialbrowse 'plus' button on the right of browser address bar and choose the best suit category for your link.

Socialbrowse is also featuring point system where points are given when your followers are also sharing links that you've shared, it is more like karma point. The more your links shared by your fans, the more point you get and chance you are listed on leaders board on Socialbrowse site. I found this is cool as you are encouraged to share more to get points. Popular shared links are tabulated on Socialbrowse site.

Socialbrowse is cool so far despite the lack of commenting feature on every links we share. Short description or comments on the links shared would be useful since a link title is said nothing at all while the content is fine.

Socialbrowse certainly gives new way on sharing links, though Twitter and any other micro-blogging service able to do same thing, but Socialbrowse is much better for those who rely on links aggregator such as Digg.

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Anonymous said...

This is Zack, one of the Socialbrowse founders. Thanks for the nice write-up. Regarding a comment system - that's on the way!

Mini-Mall said...

You're right I found Socialbrowse quite useful, I think right-click method on URL posting would be nice, lets see, it's still in beta though.

Gwtm said...

Hi Zack, thanks for passing by. In addition to comment system, it would be nice if users can also post a link by right click method, so whenever user found a link, they can right click it to post it to Socialbrowse.