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SEO Friendly Flash : Google on progress to crawl Flash better

July 1, 2008

Is it mean now we can build SEO friendly full fledged flash websites ?, well I can't tell you for sure about it, but obviously folks at Google has made some improvements on crawling Flash. This is what SEO experts and webmasters waiting for since years, as Flash considered not SEO friendly. Although this is not a major breakthrough and there are pessimist opinions and drawbacks about it, it is not wise to judge it is bad, at least this is better than nothing.

Although the news couldn't make us jump for joy, just yet, what we have to note is Google has made improvement and brings light to webmasters. However many many tricks available to make Flash working fine with search engine. Benj Arriola of Business Online Blog wrote about four solutions for dealing with SEO problems of Flash covers about techniques and suggestions that can be adopted by full flash or partly flash websites such as using SWFObject and sIFR.

At last I want to see the impact of this new update on search engine results.

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Li said...

thanks for linking to the "don't jump for joy, yet" article on SMG for the news about Adobe/Google.

i think it's really just to early for designers to start screaming from the rooftops - "do you site all in flash, google can index it now". sorry to say, all you'll have is a blob of text, nothing to point to relevancy yet.

hopefully that's next on Adobe's list to tackle. Flash designer can only hope it is anyway. :)


Gwtm said...

@Li : thanks for visiting too. I agree with you regarding too early for joy, however IMHO this is how Google listen to us, at least there are light in the dark ( well not really that dark), after all this is improvement they made. Lets see their final research result on this, Google also should put attention blackhat attempts that may utilizing this new update.