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InPrivate: Anonymous Internet Browsing in IE8 Beta 2

September 4, 2008

Fear of your traces on web browser known by someone else ?. The next version Internet browser from Microsoft, Internet Explorer Version 8 (IE8) will includes new feature for privacy purpose. IE8 will enables you to surf the internet without leaving trace on your computer.The feature in this new Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 called "Inprivate Browsing". Users privacy is always a big concern .

"Have you ever wanted to take your web browsing “off the record”? Perhaps you’re using someone else’s computer and you don’t want them to know which sites you visited. Maybe you need to buy a gift for a loved one without ruining the surprise. Maybe you’re at an Internet kiosk and don’t want the next person using it to know at which website you bank" , stated in IEblog.

InPrivate feature lets users control whether IE should keep your browsing history, cookies and other data , also it allows you to block a content of the page you visit as well as capability to blocking or allow lists of websites base on subscriptions.

So if you are using shared PC or in public PC, a borrowed laptop from a friend this feature is for you to not storing any browsing data such as history, temporary internet files, cookies and any other data intact on those computers.

This feature reminds me to the Stealther plug-in for Firefox which does the same thing and Google Chrome with Incognito mode browsing. And I strongly suggest to folks at Mozilla to made this feature by standard rather than rely on a plugin.

via IEblog

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