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Crap support !

February 11, 2005

This is the second times, they told me to send an email for my problems. A week ago I was using YM to ask some questions to my web hoster, they provide live support through Phone,YM and Email. Considering YM is much cheaper, easier and faster, I use YM. But what I got ?. After a simple chit chat for what I want to ask, he simply told me; "Err .. can you send us email about your problem sir ?". Great .. allright; I sent an email. Replied by autoresponder saying; " Thankyou ..bla bla .. response will takes upto 24 to 48 hrs ". Next day, there is no reply. No I wont start YM; yet. And no reply at all after 48 hours. Bleh. At last I fired up YM again, and asked; "Did you got my email ? , so what is the solution ?". Then the guy out there check his mail client and then he gave the answers; bla bla bla through YM. Allright one problem finish. Then he sent an email to me; the message body have "Fixed by YM". Today is exactly the same as before. I asked a problem through YM ( this just because of I can't rely on there email support after the previous dissapointment ). After chit chat a while about my problem; then "Err .. can you send us an email about your problem ?". OMG, it happens again. This time I complaints; "How long will you answer my email if I send you an email ??, my previous email was not replied even after 48 hrs ". "We will try to reply it by this afternoon !", he responded. Allright ... wait and lets see ...

Who are those guys ? Support or what ? do they know what exactly their job description (as a support ) ?. I suspect they just an ordinary operator ( Err.. YM operator ) and they works like this; "If you cann't answer it now or if it difficult to resolv, asked them to send an email and lets asked the technical dept about it".

I wonder, are their support through telephone calls also like their YM support ?. Worth to try. But it will cost much, since they are in Jakarta. And I wont spent a that costly phone calls for nothing.

The moral of the story is:
Keep It Simple Stupid; Do not procrastinate things. Procrastinate considered as you lazy to do it or you are dont know about it at all.

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