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Got fired because of blogging ?? Duh

February 11, 2005

Sounds crap ?. I dont know what employer think about it. Are there any sensitive informations mentioned ?, if so , it could lead the problems. What happened to Mark Jen somewhat shocking. Google fired him, and still he manage his weblog which is also owned by Google, maybe it just for us who curious to what really happened. For you out there who are curious for what he wrote just visit his weblog. Check this talk with Mark Jen too.

By the way, I'm blogging about my activity at work too. But not here, not the sensitive one. I piled it on my discreet weblog ( on my own box :) ) which is only can read by me and only me :) . Well it is a kind of a log book but polished a little bit in a shape of weblog. Does it safe ? Dunno. I'm never share and publish it contents to the public. So I consider it safe. *grin*

Fired me !!


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