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February 22, 2005

There are many ways to do a presentation on Linux . OpenOffice Impress, MagicPoint, using Acrobat Reader to view your presentation pdf file, a browser to view a presentation in html format, etc. Please tell me what's others ?.

There is another way, I found this neat tool to build a nice presentation; based on HTML/XHTML and with a help of couple of Javascript and css.

I can remember that I gave a training session about Internet to my colleagues here ( supervisor level and up ) last year. I didn't have MS Windows on my station, just Debian Linux (Woody). Considering the presentation will be done on others laptop ( my boss laptop ) which is fully MS Windows, so I have to made the presentation to easily run on it; while I usually done my presentation in MagicPoint so I decided to save it in html format it would be able to view with Internet Explorer with it's helpful full screen feature to do a presentation. Now I've decided, I'll re-build my Internet presentation for the next Internet presentation with S5, and consider it for my other future presentation.

So pick one !, which way you'd prefer ?.

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