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In the middle of

June 28, 2005

Yep, I found my self ended up with this boring workplace situation. I didn't try to blame anyone else, it just because of me. Since my son birth last of May, I took a lot of day off and at the same time our mail server got problem where I then migrate to new system afterward. In this month, lots of hardware going crazy, especially monitors on those open area sites ( over heated ? ), many modules have errors, many tasks should be done. My planner now look messy, I even can't hardly thinking on how to put things that I want to do on its certain to-do list queues. Too much .... err.. I make it too much actually. I just failed to manage my time recently. Is it because of my excitement of my son birth ? Could be, but still I shouldn't make other priorities become less important, especially which is my daily duties. Well I should back to my previous state then, where managing time is a must and procrastination is forbidden ( uhh ? ). No body perfect tough, keeping the stable state is hard. Okay .. enough bullsh*ting, time to act ....

I love you my son .

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