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Hardrive Crash - Moving ........

July 1, 2005

I don't know why, this weeks few of our hardware are getting weird, yesterday my station's hardrive crashed, you know that 0x40 messages kept laughing at me. My Woody freezed, after I rebooted, I found that /usr partition failed to mount. After e2fsck done I decided to move the existing /usr to new partition. I grabbed my old 20 GB Hardrive and attached it. Make a new partition and filesystem. Then copied existing /usr to new partition I created, #find . -print | cpio -padmv /mnt/newusr.

Well, moving existing /usr is done and running smoothly. After I attached it into /etc/fstab and reboot, I found that my X Window system unable to start. Lots of libraries were missing ..damn. Then I'm busy dpkg -S to find out, which package are actually the owner of that missing libraries, then I reinstalled those package indicated. So far, xfstt, xlibs, xserver-common-v3 , and xfree86-common and some truetype fonts.

It is not an easy tasks and It took 4 hours to bring my station back to its normal condition ( and now there is additional hardrive attached ).


Just for your info, this is my second time on moving /usr into new partition.
I think I will need new bigger hardrive for upcoming Sarge

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