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Tears in Bali - bombs rocked Bali again

October 1, 2005

About three hours ago ( 20 pm local time ), several bombs exploded on various location. At least six explosion were reported on several places. Last news reported that 22 confirmed more than 10 were dead and hundreds were injured. Amongs the casualties are Indonesian, Korean, Australian, Japan and others nationalities.

The bombs exploded on two seafood cafe in famous Jimbaran area. The bombs exploded in Cafe Nyoman and Menega. According to the news, the bombs carried by suicider bombers the bomb in these cafe were buried in the beach sand to this area where this area usually used by the guests to eat their dinner. Witnesses said that the sand are everywhere during explosion and the police had secured the rest of the bombs found on the surrounding area, the authorities said the packages found that were suspected as a bomb is not really a bomb and had been secured. One other bombs exploded in Raja restaurant at Kuta Town Square, and believed as a suicide bomb too. The amateur video showed that a man with backpack entering the restaurant and than exploded himself.

These guys is getting smarter, they held there action when all police department are busy securing any potential actions caused by the fuel price hikes. They choosed those place that minimalist in security enforcement as the above cafes, which is usually a traditional cafe managed by local people but mostly their customer are foreigner.

Huh .. I can't write anymore ....

F*ck you terrorist !!!! We wont give up !!!

Image courtesy of SCTV

Wikipedia information on 2005 Bali Bombing

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I Made Andi Arsana said...

I am speechless :(

kusaeni said...

saya turut beduka cita ....

siapa menabur angin akan menuai badai...