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It is all about trust

November 18, 2005

My boss just realized that Indonesia in Cyber-world known as a country full of card frauder. He tend to use Skype for communicating with his new employer in Thailand. And his employer had recommended him to use Skype and he then registered himself for a SkypeOut service. Apparently the Credit Card he used was rejected due to some countries restriction, guess what, Indonesia is among to those countries.

He have planned to use his Spanish or his Singaporean credit card. Lucky for him. What would happen if the above happened on me ? I dont have any credit card issued by bank of my other country, cuz I dont have any other citizenship. Thats it. No options. Stop. Business lost.

Why we still think stealing from others is normal ? That's wrong !

Have no trust left.

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Anonymous said...

Well said.
Shame on us.