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Apel .. rest in peace

January 19, 2006

I have a dog named Apel. Hence, Apel is Apple in Bahasa Indonesia. I dont know why he named Apel, although he doesn't have chubby looks, which chubby things mostly associated to apple's firmness.

He was died on 4 January 2006 at the age of 8 years ( I dont know precisely ).Accidently he become our pet when my wife was pregnant and we were visiting relative . They lives about 3 kilometer away from us. During the visit, I was amazed by this dog, because he was tall and muscular. I gave him soft touch on his head and in return he gave me friendly response, I never have been so close to him before. All I knew,that 2 days after the visit I found this dog in front of my house, wiggling his tail, saying hello to me.

He had came to my house by memorizing our aunty routes - actually his pee-marks routes. ( She often gave us a visit by walk, and usually accompanied by this dog ). The next day he had become our pet.As far I can remember,a month or two he would visit his previous master, but only a one or two day visit, the next day he would come again to us. He has a good sound of barks, which we are proud of it, effective enough just to scare unwanted strangers.

What made this dog so special to me ?. He was so faithful, yeah I know all dogs are faithful to their master. But he was different, well, you will know if you experienced with dogs. When my wife was pregnant, he would happily escorted us to walk along those bushy path near our house. I always brought my wife for a walk in the early morning, as doctor suggested. We had a feeling of safety and comfort if he accompanied us, because we lives in the secluded area of "kampung" ( it is about 300 meters away from main road ), and it was still dark in the early morning and there were not many people around.

Here is some of things to describe Apel :

  • Faithful and protective

  • Never take things directly from people hands, he would wait until the things is putted on the ground or off from hands

  • He hates seeing our hens or cocks were fighting, he would scared them untill they finish the fight

  • He likes sweet things but dont likes milk

  • He eat slowly, he is always enjoyed his meal

  • He likes meat, but dont likes raw meat

  • He hates our cats, but he wont show this in front of us

  • He hates flen, but loves playing on the dry soil

  • He dont likes any medicine, even anti-flen powder

  • He thinks he is the strongest dog, he often fought another dogs and ended with wounds and bleeding. Even when he was weak on his elderly

One of his picture can be found on my Flickr collections.

We will miss you Apel.

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Dani Iswara said...

bli..may I link here?

keep writing..

wayan said...

silahkan ...kalo memang pantas unutk di link :)

semoga saya tetap bisa menulis... saya paling tidak bisa menulis :(

didats said...

bli wayan,
email aku...

nanti kita kopdar di dreamland... gimana???