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Happy New Year

January 11, 2006

I ended the year 2005 with a lot of things to do. And as usual, I spent
my whole new year night at workplace to make sure verything is okay. As
far I can remember I had always spent my new year night at workplace,
sat behind the table, stared on those monitors and logs.

The December 2005 was full of preparation for the assessment of the
international certification we had applied. Well actually this is the
second one. Despite the fact that we thought that our preparation was
good enough, but still, we felt that we were missing of a lot of things.
And I who is in charge a secretary for this preparation for assessment
committee, was on trouble. Mostly the assessor will be accompanied by me
committee chairman, and I felt at the time, I need
special time for preparing myself. The situation went bad, when I found there
are some problems occured on some of our system. I should cut down my
time which was allocated for certification preparation for solving these

During the assessment, as what we were predicting before, a lot of things
was missing on our reports. And things getting worse when we found, that
the assesor was trying to cross checked our report with the supporting
data very carefully. And he founds a typo on one of our reports, I
mistyped it and my chairman was also signed it without re-checking. Hence,
the assessor then went into a long briefing and critics for our inconsistent
efforts on assuring the correctness of these reports. Well what a bad
first impression for the assessor. The next thing, during the site
inspection, we were having great time with the assessor. He found that
our efforts is much better than any other properties he had inspected,
despite there is many things to do. He concluded that what we were doing
is great, but need to be improved, he found that what we were doing is
only the big picture of all and need to be planned in details.

We admitted that we are still in the style of "Lomba Desa", when the
event is approaching, we are busy for it, there is no further follow up.
It was because some people are skeptic and half-hearted about this certification which will mostly will be associated by the lack of awareness training we did.
Actually we did the awareness training, but we haven't measure its
effectiveness, which is will be our next plan this year.

Well what a busy year end for me, and it will be a busy early year for
me too, because that is the tradition. *heck*. Trapped in the tradition.


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