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In Search of Freedom

August 18, 2006

Merdeka !! Reowned word in the era of revolution. Greeting for everyone
on that time to keep fighting spirit against colonialism.

Yesterday Indonesia celebrated its 61st anniversary. Sixty one years
old, this country is still struggling, with its own problems. My elders
often called todays as an era of DEMO, no no, not an era of Democracy.
There is no days without demonstrations or protest, and it is even
worst, they tend to be anarchy. Unemployment is raising, and this
condition is taken by few people to use or to pay them precisely, to
join the protest movement. More people join, is better.

For some people, it is believed that God had warned us. Catasthropic
natural disaster had hit Indonesia, that is the warning. Why "people" up
there is only concern on money ? why they only concern on their party
?. I haven't seen big sized Indonesia flags were raised yesterday. I
would find a very over sized party's flags were raising during the last
general election. Tend people is loving their party very much but forget
about their country. Some people might said, "they are thinking within
their belly, instead of their head ". Yeah it might be true.

Country was established to take care of their people to live in
prosperity. By developing political system, policy , legislation etc.
Todays everything was made to be broken. "Tanya Kenapa ?" or "Why ?".
Corruption,illegal lodging,radicalism,criminalism. We have legislation
and policy of those, why we can't stop them ?. Freedom, merdeka. The
word can be meaningless todays. No one care, money talks.

Unemployment is raising, in Bali, laid-off of tourism workers is
increasing. Tourism is no more a prospective sector. Security is the
main cause. Freedom is nowhere. I had to admit, when I heared the second
bombing hit Bali, I had an headache at the time. It might be on indicattion
that I had a stress. I live near the area, I put my live on tourism. I
earned money from it. Freedom is nowhere. And again, money still talks.

Merdeka !!


Won't you help to sing these songs of freedom?
'Cause all I ever had, redemption songs,
All I ever had, redemption songs,
These songs of freedom, songs of freedom

Bob Marley

Note: I made this post offline since I dont have adequate internet
connection, thats why I didn't posted this post yesterday, when it
was the right time to be posted.

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