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December 26, 2006

I likes chocolate, every kind of chocolate. Yes, I like the part when they melt in my mouth. On whatever form they are, bars, candy, cake, cookies, etc. My wife said that my petite to chocolates is bigger than my petite to rice. "Hon, Chocolate is a good source of energy ..." I always said, as matter of fact, chocolate is good for health too, especially dark-chocolate.

At kampung, we have few cocoa trees, and I used to eat those sweet-white-flesh on each cocoa beans before we dried it.

Recently we ( me and my wife) got a box of chocolate from our colleagues, and that Swiss-made chocolate didn't last for an hour. But too much chocolate is not good either, TooMuch™ is always not good, yea .. yea.

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rama said...

alo bos...happy new year 2007 ya...semoga makin gila neh "pingguin" & motretnya

wayan said...

Haapy New Year juga ya rama, motret macet .... :)