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Campus's Bad Boys

April 19, 2007

There are two big issues in this April regarding the the violence inside campus. One is the IPDN case, which is now still on police investigation and second is shooting in Virginia Tech campus which results 33 students dead. Amongs the Virginia Tech victims, there is an Indonesian student. My condolence to all victims.

What differs this cases are, the IPDN case is a violence as a process of studying which at the end causing the death of a student and the controversy still bubbling about the numbers of casualties so far. The Virginia Tech shooting is a violence in the campus caused by the uncertain reason of a student which recently reported mentally-disturbed.

The similarities is; that both the 'Bad Boys' are the students. And I can assure the "bad boys" on IPDN case either on Virgina Tech case are mentally-disturbed. How can the violence involved in the education system in IPDN ?, how come guns could enters Virginia Tech campus ?. videos on IPDN Violence videos on Virginia Tech shooting

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dani iswara said...

links on blogspot commenting system are using rel="nofollow" tags, so it is safe to post a comment here, even I wrote the same topics of IPDN traffics spamming.. :D

so sad to know that our government officer are 'bad boys' either.. :(

wayan said...

As far as I know , nofollow was since 2005 along with captcha.

yup, cuz they were educated to become 'bad-boys'

aroengbinang said...

not so many people, including teachers, who have guts to stand up and to take risk for having different opinion or standpoints from the bigger crowd.

this is what i called "tirani gerombolan". hence it's not so mauch about education, it's the courage to voice out one's conscience.

btw bung, i have linked at Blogger in English (Wayan). suggest to install ShoutBox, cheers.

ramayadi said...

Now head former of IPDN, Nyoman Sumaryadi has been suspect.