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Posting using ScribeFire a.k.a performancing

April 3, 2007

Just a short note. This is a test from ScribeFire, a Firefix addons. Atlast, after doing some trial and error with Deepest Sender, I decided to use ScribeFire for posting to Blogger. The linespace is one problem I didn't found what caused it, however at least it works. I dont know why the latest DeepestSender always failed when trying to post to Blogger, while there is no problem with Okay now what, another outage ? :)

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dani iswara said...

Performancing and deepest sender have the same problem with support..ScribeFire has better support for now.. :D

wayan said...

Yp, but still I couldn't find any solution for the linespace width, the Scribfire div tag, override the template's style.