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Asia Blogging Network, make money online through your written thoughts

June 7, 2007

Budi Putra, a full time Indonesian blogger who own several blogs such as, and also a contributor for Asia and launched (PT. Asia Blogging Network). With teammates Harry Sufehmi, Firman Firdaus, Ihklasul Amal, Kuncoro wastuwibowo etc, is targeting to put various niche under one roof. Topics is ranging from technology, business, sport, and science, to lifestyle, health, etc. Each topics and subtopics filed under special domain name with cool blog template design. No wonder, people behind the scene of are IT and Web 2.0 geeks. I found about travel which is covering Bali and also my city, Denpasar which few posts was posted by Graifhan Ramadhani.

As Budi Putra stated, “AsiaBlogging is a blog network from Indonesian for Asia,”, is targeting to embrace Indonesian writers and Asia generally. The first step is embracing Indonesian writers. Some of renowned writers already joined the network, such as Wimar Witoelar and Jennie S. Bev.

More than 300.000 active Indonesian bloggers commit their thoughts online, and this is the phenomenon is trying to embrace, to organise them under one umbrella and put them on better bargain position. bring 'paid blogging era' into Indonesian blogosphere. Bloggers is given an opportunity to write their own interests, in their own niche, and it is paid. A new way to make money online.

This is a new challenge for Indonesian bloggers, now put a side your adsense strategies and SEO efforts, give a try to . Post your written thought, and get paid. Don't worry about the hosting and let SEO part become job. :) .

But as Budi Putra said, "However, the main point is not about the payment", building blogging network is the main idea. Under one roof and better bargain position.

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