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Safari for Windows

June 17, 2007

Safari for Windows
Now I have Safari installed in my box and my box is 80% like a Mac box. I can now associate the safari docklet on my ObjectDock to Safari itself, instead of to IE. Yup, I'm a fan of Apple products, but rather than wasting money ( aka, cannot afford to buy yet ) to buy a Macbook or sort, I just tweaked my Windows XP box to have Apple OS look and feel, with various tools available on the Internet. Yeah, it is like MTV's 'Pimp my ride' show, I have pimped my XP. Don't ask why ..

Okay, now back to the Safari things, this is my first impression on Safari.

  1. At first, font rendering in Safari surprised me, I thought rendered text in Safari is a result of sIFR-like method, font are rendered smoother. But I then realized that, it is not a result of sIFR implementation or any kind of it. I recall that Steve Jobs has a taste and Apple has always a stylish approach, "putting art above practicality" as Joel Spolsky said. Joel on software has a further explanation about this font rendering

  2. It is proclaimed to be two times faster web browser on any platform, for me it is 1,5x faster than my Firefox and Internet Explorer. However, I have no time to benchmark it further, so let others done it.

  3. I agree with Apple, 'focus on the web - not your browser' but hey, I still love to switch themes on my Firefox. I think , it is just matter of sense.

  4. I don't feel yet the "power browsing" with a bunch of add-ons like in Firefox ;). However Safari has its own plus points. With Safari for Windows, if you are a web developer, now you can test how your web rendered in Safari. You know how your website looks like on Mac OS users point of view.

Well, that's so far, being a beta product, I believe lots of issues need to address by Apple, and I'm waiting for the final version. Bravo Apple, kudos for Steve Jobs.

Any of you tried Safari for windows, please share your experience here.

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ramayadi said...

Sounds it flirt,i never tried to use safari,better i have one to preview my css code

Satrohraj said...

Safari is the best browser, i have ever seen.. Though its got many errors to be fixed.
I downloaded it to just test the browser, whether its better than firefox or not. It sure is the best browser. Its 2x faster than firefox. and more than 10 x faster than IE or any other browser.

1. Simply elegant interface
2. Superfast browsing
3. Nice tabs
4. Bug reporter
5. Private browsing

1. Many Errors (but its still in beta)
2. Quicktime is related to downloads.

We can't say its the best browser, because its still in beta.
Whats the best browser - Safari or Firefox? We should wait until the full version is out.