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How to find old version software and games

September 13, 2007

Perhaps one of you ever wonder where to get one of those old DOS games like Duke Nukem or an old version application. Some of us are worried that inline with the fast-evolving computer technology, it will slowly wipe out those legacy software.

Throw away your worries, through the Internet you can find many websites offering a range of computer software that is no longer current. This so-called abandonware, ranging from DOS applications and games to Macintosh old applications are available on Internet. Below are list of websites I've found offers old version software.

Anyone out there would like add my list above ? please leave in comments. Thank you.

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Jason Rogers said...

I found a great site which allows USERS to upload all their old DOS games directly. I have located all my favorites on it: !

Again, what’s cool about this site is you can UPLOAD any/all games to the site for others to download (freeware, software…or even licensed software! [though this isn’t encouraged]). The site offers a quick search feature too.

Just thought I’d let ya know.

Jason Rogers said...

oops ... that link didn't go through as a link. try this:

I love this site. haha.