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Top 50 most influential bloggers listed

September 14, 2007

So you just started blogging, northxeast has listed 50 most influential bloggers on blogosphere you can read for a reference. All with their own niche, from political blog, internet marketing to software developer.You'll found many great names on blogosphere such as John Chow, Steve Pavlina , Dan Rowse etc. All of them are bloggers with major audiences.

"There are literally millions of bloggers out there, each of them with their own voice and style, and yet in the blogging world, a handful stand out. These are the movers and shakers. When they speak, the blogging world listens. These are our Fifty Most Influential Bloggers, and if you don’t know them, you need to."

Why are they worth to know ? Well, it is because lots of things you can learn from them. If you are serious in blogging and willing to build better blogging learning curve, these people are expert on their own, people you need to watch and listen to. Take their own success stories as an inspiration of our own success. Enough bullshitting , just read on.


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