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British Police Microdrone hovering spy camera

October 3, 2007

British Police are now using flying surveillance camera. This camera is from Microdrone Gmbh, it's battery powered and has capability to return to its home base even if it losess two of its four rotor blades. With the capability to fly at 350 feet, it will be hard to notice from the ground. The ability of hovering outside a window and zooming just enough to say how intrusive this new toy might be, it open to use and abuse.

Using these devices for military purposes is one thing, but when the police have them the discussion is completely different. Although in principle it won't allow them to spy on anything that couldn't already be seen from a helicopter, small and cheap MAVs are likely to be much more common. And, crucially, unlike a helicopter you will not be able to tell when one is watching you.

[via Wired]

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