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Getting link love - more you get by giving it

October 4, 2007

Do you remember my last post about articles by Chris Kata about proverb that guide your internet marketing ?, one said :

The desire of the righteous ends only in good,
but the hope of the wicked only in wrath.

When you’re intentions are true and honest people know it, and they will want to do business with you, whether it’s link building, writing content, sending leads, etc.However, if you just want something for your own personal gain, in the end people will sense that in you and you won’t be doing business with them

In term of getting link love, all of them is matter of goodwill. Some says 80% of your traffic will come from only 20% of your links according to Pareto Principle, if you have goodwill to link love someone, it is matter of time you'll getting traffic from them. There you are, you will get 80% of your from 20% of from those link love. You might never know who they are, they might be a good blogger and their post someday will grow bigger, and they will bring you more traffic to you. The more you give link love the more you get.

Goodwill is also applied for writing, writing a good post is likely will get link love from other bloggers out there. This pareto principle once again applied, it is likely, the more you write the more you generating traffic. You will get 80% of your traffic from 20% of articles you wrote. Always remember, the more you write, more traffic you get. I always amaze those bloggers that able to post more than 20 post a day. Once I saw a three month old blog is getting over 12,500 page views from over 6000 unique visitors daily [via], the key is writing, writing, and keep writing.

The more you get link love by giving more link love, the more you get traffic by giving more on writing posts. Hey, it's all about networking man !.

Enough to say, here is useful links for link building :

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