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ioDrive: ultra high-speed 640 GB Flash Storage

October 25, 2007

What you think about the storage media with a data rates speed almost the same with DRAM ?. It is almost a thousand times faster than any existing disk. ioDrive is designed to deliver 100,000 IOPS, 800MB/s Read and 600MB/s Write. io stands for Indexed Object, ioDrive is based on NAND, this is an ultra high speed and huge flash drive .

The ioDrive™ is the industry's first, NAND based enterprise storage solution that provides access rates comparable to DRAM with storage capacity on par with disks — being able to improve both memory capacity and storage performance by 100x. The ioDrive™ leverages Fusion-io's proprietary ioMemory™ architecture to strip away the complexity and limitations of traditional storage infrastructure to provide a high performance, highly scalable Local Storage device or Storage Cache device

IoDrive uses PCIe x4 connector to enable rapid implementation into todays computers, whihc rewuires no changes to applications or infrastructure. While the iODrive eliminates the challenges and concerns associated with mechanical disks, it also make enterprises no longer need to buy expensive, high performance fiber channels disks, RAID controllers,fiber channel switches or custom software.

ioDrive shipping will begin in early 2008, offered in the line of capacities of 8)GB, 160GB, 320GB and 640 GB. It is overpriced as it's targeting a retail price at $30 per Gigabyte, but it is normal for new technology. Lets see the progress, if this new fast storage media could revolutionize computer technology, where it will be the end of traditional hard drives. The producer of ioDrive boasts 'puts the power of SAN into the palm of your hand'.

[via 4sysop]

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