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Gmail now supports IMAP

October 25, 2007

Gmail now supports IMAP, yay, a long waited feature from Google. I have switched my account to IMAP , I use Thunderbird 2 for my mail client and the setup is easy.

Firstly I have to enable the IMAP feature. This can be found on Setting menu under 'Forwarding and POP/IMAP' tab on your Gmail webmail. Then setup the mail client. However this feature is likely only available to random sets of Gmail users, I saw few users are failed to find the IMAP option on their account, hence this is not a system-wide change, yet. If you can't find the 'enable IMAP' option your setting, you would shortly find the feature for your account, you may wait for some time.

Click here for setting up Gmail IMAP on iPhone

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Andrew said...

Honestly, I think this spells game over for Yahoo! and any power users.

Why pay for their plus access when you have this great product for free?

And once Apple gets it head out of its a55, and offers PUSH integration with Gmail, Yang can kiss his baby goodbye.

Oh well ...welcome Facebook, the new titan, apparently

wayan said...

looking forward for unlimited storage from Gmail .. LOL