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Watch Digg in a screensaver with Digg Arc

October 24, 2007

Digg labs has applications that provide its viewer a broader view of Digg. Recently Digg Labs release its application in term of screensaver. Amongst their application are Arc, BigSpy,Stack and Swarm. You may recall Blogger Play that is a real-time slideshow of photos Bloggers users have recently uploaded to their blogs. These applications of Digg Labs is almost doing the same function , these application gave us a view how stories are digg-ed by users.

Digg Arc is my favourite, stories are arrange themselves around the circlr as users digg them. Around the circle there are users name keep updating and rotate as the users diggs stories in real-time. Larger stories have more diggs, you see on the image 'Tun your PC into a Password Cacking Super Computer' story is having more diggs. Previously my screensaver was PolarClock and I found this Digg Arc is cool too, it is still in a sphere-shape which is in my opinion resemblance to the PolarClock . Yep, I love circle.

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