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Scribefire 2.0 released: a lot new fatures

April 22, 2008

Scribefire is a Mozilla Firefox extension that lets user blogging easily, and integrated with browser. Now with Scribefire 2.0 , users are offered with a bunch of features for easy blogging pleasure.


I've been using Scribefire for blogging for a year, and love it. Scribefire as a Firefox extension, make it easier to blog without even leaving your browser. Recently Scribfire announced the release of Scribefire 2.0, which includes huge features improvements since the last release.

Major improvements are :
  • Tabbed editor windows. Now create multiple blog post within Scribefire is easier. Just click the new tab button, and new editor windows will open.

    Scribefire tabbed editor window

  • Quickblogging. Quickblogging feature is for quick modification for existing blog post. Just point your browser to your blog, Scribefire quickblogging toolbar will appear. Simply click buttons in the toolbar, whether you want to add images, video or quotes. Then you are asked to click the post's title to do the editing.

    Scribefire quickblogging toolbar

  • Post timestamp. It was only Scribfire for Firefox 3 that has timestamp feature, now adding post timestamp included on all Scribefire. Click the 'options' button to modify timestamp, check the 'modify timestamp' and timestamp you wanted.

    Scribefire timestamping

  • New promote window. Promoting your blog post to social bookmarks media is now even easier. Scribefire added new 'Share/Promote' window to help users sumbiting their post to Digg,reddit, and other social bookmarks.

    Scribefire share to social bookmarks

  • Flickr and Youtube integration. Users are now easily can add images and videos using Flickr and Youtube integration feature. By activating Flickr and Youtube integration users can search a keyword for Flickr images or Youtube videos, choose an image or video and Scribefire will prompt for a caption for it and simply click a button to insert it into a post.

    Scribefire Flickr image search Scribefire Youtube video search

Now you can see that Scribefire offers features thats makes you blogging easily without even leaving your Scribefire window. Before, I was off to Firefox window to search an image on Flickr or to Youtube site to get a video for my post, now I don't need to leave my Scribefire to do that. One thing I currently wondering is the licenses of images searched by Scribefire. I did my Flickr search image through 'advance' option in Flickr website to get Creative Common Attribution Licensed images to be used for my blog posts. Does Scribefire Flickr search result are Creative Common licensed images ?. Yes, I can check the license of the images on the Flickr website, but that wouldn't great as Scribefire is a blog tool thats boast 'easy blogging'.

I believe folks at Scribefire are keep on developing Scribefire, and I do hope new features to come. The developer team is working hard to make sure everything is done properly and bugs are fixed.

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