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Top three Contact Form wordpress plugins for effective blogging

May 29, 2008

Here are some Wordpress plugins that helps you creating neat contact form for your blog. With these contact form plugins for Wordpress, creating custom great looking and spam free contact form for your Wordpress CMS is now even easier.

Instead of hiring PHP programmers to do the task, here you can choose contact form Wordpress plugins which is best for you.

Cforms II

This plugin called Cforms II allows you to create all sorts of contact forms. It allows you to create many fields and many types of input boxes; check boxes, select boxes,password boxes, radio buttons and so on. You are even can create multiple contact forms throughout your blog or on the same page with convenient ways. It's support AJAX/Javascript, CSS Styling and has administrator console interface.


Dubbed as the prettiest Wordpress contact form, WP-LightForm is an AJAX.PHP contact form which includes spam protection, form validation and custom form elements. Developed based on LightForm, its utilises FormCheck form validation and Niceforms for custom forms elements. See Wp-LightForm demo.

Dagon PHP Form Mailer

This plugin is a Wordpress plugin version of Dagon secure PHP form mailer script. It's offering a wide range of features, including multiple instances, support many fields in any order, support multiple recipient, optional auto reply, an image verification. It is also support 22 languages and protection against email header injection. ReCaptcha integration is also supported.

Please note, if you are also integrating ReCaptcha to your Wordpress comment system and want integrate ReCaptcha with your contact form plugin, you need to do tweak on the the PHP script to only call ReCaptcha API function at once.

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Vicky - Grown up chick said...

I have implemented contact form in my blog, integrating with recaptcha is also succeed. Thanks guys.