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Google Image Labeler Game

June 7, 2008

I was told by a friend about Google Image Labeler earlier, and haven't try until today. What is Google Image Labeler exactly ?. Well this is the way Google improve the relevance of image search result by allowing people to label google's images.

In a form of a game, I think Google is expecting the most relevance label for the images. By pairing the participants, assuming that label guessed by two person that is match is considered more relevance.

In the game you and your partner will view the same set of images, and you and your partner is allowed to give labels as much as possible to describe image you see. Once your label matches your partner label, you will get points. The points will depend on how specific the label is.

You will see how addictive this game is, I was spending two hours for this and found it fun too. If you stuck with the label, you can pass.

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