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TotSpot, social networking for children and parents

June 6, 2008

Imagine it as Facebook or Myspace, but it's for children. TotSpot, a newly social networking website founded by recent graduates of Harvard University Class of 2007 that's, made for kids and parents just launched. TotSpot is offering features where parents can publish private and secure pages about their kids and share it with families and friends. TotSpot itself is part online scrapbook, parent journal and social network.

"Parents have a deep desire to share the story of their children with friends and family. TotSpot is the first site to provide a simple and safe destination to do this all in one place," said Michael Broukhim, co-founder of

Designed for parents needs with children aged 0 -12 and expectant mothers, on TotSpot parents can shares photos, videos and journal, as well as create life-stage oriented content such as Growth Charts. For Growth Chart, TotSpot will keeps track of height and weight entered and at the end of each month, the most recent height and weight is recorded and added to the child timeline, based on collected data, pretty chart will be displayed.

TotSpot boast "Your Kid, Your Content" policy, they ensures that parents always own the content bout their children, and the child's page is only read by the right persons.

Safety and security is paramount. On TotSpot, privacy settings prevent anyone from seeing a child's page unless the parents (or guardians) have explicitly invited that individual. In addition, TotSpot's stats feature enables parents to know exactly who has visited their child's page.
For more information go to TotSpot, a place for kids

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