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Moodmill sold due to lack of funding

June 21, 2008

Moodmill was officially sold, according the founder, Felix Widjaja, the decision was made due to lack of funding and time to continue the work on Moodmill. Moodmill has left far behind in the micro blogging arena due to these limitation. The founder did not clearly mention how much the deal worth , but Moodmill sold to KingsideMedia.

Started and developed as a side project to play with AJAX technology, Moodmill is a micro-blogging service almost similar to Twitter. The plus point on Moodmill is where you can associates your posts with your mood at the time. Moodmill has graphical representation of your emotions or mood, which is known as mood meter. Mashable dubbed Moodmill as 'Twitter plus' , where clearly the plus they mean is the mood meter.

So far , I see no changes yet on the Moodmill website, neither the developer team line up. I personally expecting Kingside Media wouldn't make significant facelift on Moodmill. I'm rather expecting them bring Moodmill back to the track and boost Moodmill competitiveness in the market. Micro blogging is emerging, and it has potential to grow more, where mobile technology is the future trend.

Whatever the decision, I'm expecting Moodmill could compete with any other micro-blogging web applications.

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