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Youtube allows long form video, 1 GB per movie

June 18, 2008

YouTube, the pioneer of online video service is reported move further by allowing long-form video. All we know that the current maximum limit of YouTube video is 10 minutes. For its content partners, YouTube allows the movie length up to 1 Gigabyte per file, as stated on a new policy emailed to its content partners last week.

Long Form Content
You now will be able to upload and monetize videos in your account that are longer than 10 minutes. This feature is exclusively for partners. Independent Film makers that partner with us will now be able to upload their feature films on our site. Please note that for long form content, the maximum file size is 1GB.

One Gigabytes is considered almost enough for a full-length, standard definition movie, enough for some DVD-quality Hollywood movies.

Even there are worries, the move will crush Youtube, it is said Google / Youtube might will make money pretty good on this. YouTube paid bandwidth more cheaply than anyone and storage cost are tiny for them and it should likely drop by half every two years or so. And considering potential users of YouTube for this long-form video, it should likely YouTube will gain good revenue for the ads on these long movies.

Because YouTube bypasses CDNs and peers directly with big Internet exchanges, YouTube pushes data on the Web more cheaply than anyone. Their cost of streaming is a tiny fraction of a penny per user per hour. If it were 1/4 of a cent, we're talking about $250 to stream an hour of video to 100,000 users -- and we can make informed guesstimate that YouTube is paying even less than that. Meanwhile, assuming YouTube can sell at least one Adsense For Video ad at a $15 CPM, that's $1,500 in revenue.

For you filmmakers outthere, you have to be a YouTube partner to sign up to be able to host long-form videos on YouTube.

Source: SAI via Furrier

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