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January 25, 2007

I've upgraded this blog to new blogger and change the theme for better reading pleasure. But since the New Blogger implementation, I have difficulty to login. I've used Blog post feature from Google Toolbar on my Firefox to post, same problems, way too long.

My connection is just a 64 kbps, shared, but this is not connection matter for sure. I'm able to access others websites without problem, even Blogger.com. The problem is when I tried to login to blogger.com.

A trick I've used often is to login to my google account, then switch to blogger service, it is quite faster than entering blogger.com login page directly.

One thing, anyone out there know how to use Deepest Sender to post into Blogger.com blogs ?. My few attempts was failed, seems that the New Blogger is not compatible to current Deepest Sender, since the Deepest Sender latest update was on October 2006. I mostly rely on the Deepest Sender to post to this blog and my wordpress blog.

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aroengbinang said...

it's true that sometimes it's quite slow to login to blogger; and a couple of times lost my posting during saving because of connection problem. salam.

dani iswara said...

yup better login to google acc first..