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Howto Rip your DVD to iPhone

July 6, 2007

So you want to rip your DVD collection and watch it over your iPhone ?. Innovative Solutions is offering DVD to iPhone software to rip your video collection. Boasting its New Cyberspeed technology, it is claimed allows up to 400% faster on conversion process.
DVD to Iphone

Claimed to be the easiest DVD to Iphone software,DVD to Iphone is PC only software that runs on Win Win2000,Xp,NT,and Windows Vista. Mac users, you've been warned. However Mac user might want to try Roxio Crunch om Roxio, it has output options to Apple TV, iPod and iPhone, but for this software you need to digg your wallet deeper. It cost $40, while DVD to iPhone cost you $30. In addition, DVD to Iphone is claimed to works on any copyrights protected DVDs, while Roxio Crunch not.

DVD to Iphone - Innovatiove Solutions, Roxio Crunch - Roxio

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