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Why you should not live by the Google ?

July 4, 2007

What will you do to get incoming traffic to your blog ?.
Do SEO and get indexed and crawled by Google.

Bloggers are trying hard to generate more traffic to their blog with various traffic generation methods, SEO, link building popularity and more. All of this efforts was done with one mission, generating incoming traffic, getting visitors and readers.

Generating traffic from search engine results is the most important thing bloggers will do, but if you are overdoing it, it is likely you will put yourself in to Google penalty box. You will lose your search engine ranking. Yes, Google is unpredictable, once said "the search-quality team makes about a half-dozen major and minor changes a week to the vast nest of mathematical formulas that power the search engine". Google concern is quality search. Don't play fire with Google, sooner or later you are going to get burn.

At least that was what happened with Jhon Chow recently when he was pushing it all to the limit, he lose his search engine ranking. It was happened my times, and I saw it many times by myself. 'make money online' search result was not always pointing to John's blog, it was floating around. John Chow is in the Google penalty box and is hoping Google will restore his page ranking soon.

There are few thing we don't know about Google and Google team is very clever, they are acting immediately when they found something is beyond the normal.

When you are stepping out way too far, and When you are on the top, it is likely a lot of people would jealous on you. Yes at least there are another threat you should aware of in term of search engine power. The Negative SEO , as Philipp Lenssen pointed out that your competitor could do harm to your search engine page ranking. Someone is posting a lot of spam-like links all around the web links to your blog or site, links back is jumping in short period, hence, they make you look naughty in front of Google.

Still thinking play with SEO is always safe ?, yes Google penalty box might be rarely happens if you do things right, but the latter, the competitor negative SEO attack, it is uncontrollable aspect.

As John Chow said 'Live by the Google,Die By The Google'.

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